We are a promotional product distributor, branding experts, creative design power-house, and a forward-thinking company. Our team consists of designers, engineers, and product specialists who invest in education, technology, and product trends to deliver the best service & products in the industry. 


Before we set out on finding the best items for your business, we work closely with you and your team to identify your needs, help to set you on a clear and successful course, and ensure that our recommendations align with your goals and budget.


Everything we do, we do for you and your business. At each step , we are focused on providing the expertise that years of industry experience has allowed us to acquire. We stay connect with you, so you can stay connect with your team, clients and business.


We are a passionate team that believes every brand can make an impact with the correctly branded items and swag. We curate products that are authentic to your brand, that will engage your audience and put you ahead of the game in your industry.

We were founded on the principles of having 'phun'.

We spell it with a ‘ph’ because everyone likes to have phun in their own way. We started by developing custom products tailored to all demographics.

Team Phun combines

branded apparel, custom merchandise, event coordination, warehousing and distribution, and digital services to increase value in marketing, employee engagement, and event coordination.


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Jesse Goodwick

Director of Operations

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Sean Burns

Vice President

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Jared Lazar

Creative Director

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Jenn Mayenschein

Director of Sales

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Gazel Armagan

Project Manager

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Derek Guox

East Coast Operations Coordinator

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Ashley Wade

East Coast Operations

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Henry Feldman

West Coast Operations & Marketing Support

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John Deney

West Coast Operations

Jessica Youngs Brand Consultant

Jessica Youngs

Brand Consultant


Karl Bosch

Brand Consultant

William Hewat

William Hewat

Brand Support Specialist