In the spirit of simplicity, these single-page stores will help you order online in a snap! Simple Stores are ideal for collecting orders, pop-up shops, temporary or seasonal stores, and fundraising.


Our Simple Stores are perfect for when you aren’t exactly sure how much product you need.

Coaching a little league? Send the link to the parents to order the uniforms. Have a t-shirt idea? See how many are interested before ordering. Need to run a fundraiser? Put all products on one site for people to purchase.


All products are listed out in a single column on one page.

There’s no homepage or product categories which makes it easy for the shopper to navigate. Perfect for stores with less than 10 items.


Set up is easy, because we do it for you! Once you decide on the products, our digital services team will build the site. All you need to do is send out the link to collect orders!

Once all orders are placed, Team Phun will manage the production of each item and individually ship out each order.



Review the frequently asked questions below for more information on our Simple Store process and how it can benefit you!

A.  There is a setup fee of $600 .00
       -> This fee can be credited back to you during the final billing process, with a minimum spend of $5,000.00 in invoiced branded products
B.  There is a $3.00 transaction fee added to each order
      -> Your Brand Consultant will build this fee into the price of products
C.  Shipping Modifiers for each product can be billed directly to you or the customer
      -> Please reference Section 11 for more information on Shipping Modifier pricing
A. Each Simple Store can have up to 10 products added
     -> However, we suggest keeping your products between 3-5 because we have found that the more products available to choose from, the harder it is to meet the minimum order requirements
A.  Apparel:
    -> Screen Print = 24 (1-3 ink colors)
    -> Embroidery = 25
B.  Headwear:
    -> Embroidery = 25
    -> Patches = 48 (sew minimum)
    -> Heat Transfers = 24
C.  Mugs: 72 minimum
D.  Notebooks: 100 minimum
E.  Socks: 100 minimum
F.  Baja Blankets: 25 minimum
G.  Patches: 100 minimum (order minimum)
H.  Pins: 100 minimum
I.  Stickers: 100 minimum

A. If you don’t meet the minimum order, you are still liable to order and pay for the minimum order quantity

A.  You can keep the store open for up to 3 months
    -> However, orders will not be produced or shipped until the store closes, so we typically recommend only having the store open for 1 month so your customers don’t have to wait too long

A. Yes! Here is a link to a demo Simple Store:

A.  Work with your Brand Consultant to source product options for you/your store
B.  Your Brand Consultant will send and invoice with all agreed upon products/decoration methods
    -> The only charge you will see at this point is the Simple Store setup fee which needs to be 50% paid before the Design Team sets up your store
C.  Once the Simple Store setup invoice is paid, the Design Team will create a digital mockup of your products and decoration methods to send to you to approve
D.  Once you approve the digital mockup, the Simple Store will be created within 3-5 business days
E.  Your Brand Consultant will send you the link to the Simple Store and await your approval
F.  Once approved, the site will go live
A.  Once the store closes, Team Phun’s Operations team will run an inventory report on which items were ordered and send to your Brand Consultant
B.  Your Brand Consultant will send you the sales report, updated invoice with quantities ordered, and credit memo
C.  Our Design Team will then send the official digital mockup with all quantities and sizes accounted for you to review and approve
D.  Once you approve the final mockup, the order will move into production and will be shipped to your customers
A.  Once the orders are processed and products are made, Team Phun will run a credit memo and send you a check of the profit made
A.  Yes! Your Brand Consultant will send you weekly reports and/or however often that is outlined in a report schedule during the setup process, on what has been ordered and how much more needs to be ordered to meet your minimums.
A.  Yes. Shipping Modifiers are how much it costs to ship out an individual based on it’s weight.
    -> This ends up being added on to the regular flat rate shipping cost ($6.00) to make the total shipping costs anywhere from $8-$12 depending on the products being ordered

B.  Examples:
    -> Hat: $2.00
    -> Socks: $2.50
    -> Shirt: $2.00
    -> Jacket: $3.50
    -> Mug: $3.00
    -> Tumbler: $3.00
    -> Notebook: $3.00
    -> Tote Bag: $2.00
A.  Create hype around the store by posting to your social media accounts/sending out information in your email newsletters about the upcoming store
B.  Once the store goes live, have your web developer add a “SHOP NOW” button to your site that directs people to the Simple Store
C.  Add the Simple Store URL to your social media profiles so people can easily navigate to them
D.  Post about the store on your social media accounts once a week
E.  Send out an email with a link to the store to your contacts letting them know it’s open
F.  Is your brand associated with other brands? Ask them to mention your store on their platforms and newsletters
G.  Write a blog post about the purpose of your store
H.  Update your customers on the fundraiser goal, and the current amount raised while the Simple Store is active

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