The missing piece to your experiential marketing plan, element of Phun

The missing piece to your experiential marketing plan,
the element of Phun

What We Do

The missing piece to your experiential marketing plan, element of Phun


On & Off Premise Activation

We have relationships with retailers and distributors, and years of experience to guide you and tailor an experiential marketing program that will leave lasting impressions on your ideal consumers.

Events & Tradeshows

Our trained staff can showcase your brand by engaging industry audiences with expert education and enthusiasm at professional trade shows and expo events.

POS Services

We can be your full one-stop shop for Point of Sale services. From working with our Brand Consultants to sourcing unique items

Guerrilla & Street Team

If you want to interact with the public using unconventional marketing methods, we can help meet your needs with surveying, street teams,flyer distributions, display setup, and more.

Merchandising & Sales Support

Our trained team of merchandisers will check your accounts regularly, provide valuable data, restock shelves, submit orders, add facings, and more.

We don't believe in one size fits all.

We’re Phun for All – an experiential marketing team empowering people through the curation of authentic experiences connecting brands with their consumer audience.

Phun for All curates meaningful experiences, while being intentional on highlighting each brand’s individuality, and meeting your needs exactly where you  need us.

Let’s start with a conversation. Tell us your story and let’s see how we fit into it.

Our Experiential Marketing Clients